Habits of the Most Successful Fashion Influencers

September 13, 2018

Habits of the Most Successful Fashion Influencers

According to the Fashion and Beauty Monitor report on influencer marketing, 65% of luxury fashion and beauty brands believe that influencer marketing is effective and 73% have an ongoing influencer marketing campaign. Fashion brands focus on selling a lifestyle. Influencers have the perfect platform to make this lifestyle accessible to consumers in an appealing way. 

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Embrace Simplicity

Most of the best in the fashion industry use the same handle or name across all social media platforms. With a single name, people can easily access their content online. While you might find it hard to identify with a name you want, try and think of creative names that can capture your audience’ attention. For example, if you’re thinking of @Style Queen and it’s taken, you can opt for @Queenlystyle or @Empressofstyle.

Pay Attention to the Needs of Your Customers

You need to understand the ever-changing needs of the brands you are targeting. Find out why a fashion brand chooses to work with one influencer over another and what affects this decision. There are various tools available that can help you gather valuable consumer data. Once you’ve collected this information, you can tailor your content to fit the brand you’re targeting and the audience that you would like to connect with as an influencer.

Be an Active Communicator

The art of influence mainly relies on effective communication. Your audience needs to see you as a presenter, conversationalist, and a natural communicator who can convert ideas and thoughts into words that inspire action.

Every interaction is a chance to exert a positive influence and develop trust. People have a particular perception of you based on how you interact with them. Practice excellent communication to achieve your objectives and have an influence.

Find Out What Sets You Apart

The fashion industry is full of competition, and this means you’ll need to create a name for yourself and build a brand. While you might be tempted to buy followers, it’s one of the worst tactics you can use to build a brand.

These tricks won’t help you achieve long-term success, mainly because you won’t have an engaged community that could help you earn and deliver results to clients. Authenticity is critical if you want to become a renowned influencer.

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A good example is Diet Prada. Although this Instagram account has only been in existence for a short time, it’s quickly become popular with millennials looking for something different. You can call it the Fashion Police of Instagram as it calls out fashion copycats and posts high-quality photos.

Get to know what your style is about and target the brands you aim to work with. Study how other fashion influencers are standing out in regards to creativity and originality.

Zero In on a Niche

Back in the day, all you needed to do to become a fashion influencer was to share your personal style. However, this has drastically changed as the industry has grown and you need to be more editorial. Fashion influencers are now zeroing on certain fashion looks.

You could do a whole year of outfits that are red or any other. Also, you could do a thrift fashion look and share your journey with the world. Find something that will make your audience keep coming back.

Get on Instagram

Although there are various social media platforms that you can use to build your brand, Instagram is a popular choice for fashion influencers. Instagram is easy to run and an excellent way to grow a massive following.

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On Instagram, 70% of brands across fashion industries are working with influencers. The e-marketer estimated that Instagram sponsored post would hit the $570 million mark, this doesn’t come as a surprise as Instagram has become a fantastic platform to connect with fashion enthusiasts.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the launched clickable profile links and hashtags. Favorite fashion influencers have the habits of including hashtags of brands they admire. You can also find them posting a hashtag on a topic that’s trending in the fashion industry. Don’t forget to improve the descriptions of your fashion posts. Also, cross-promote across other channels.

Be Consistent

More is never enough when it comes to fashion influencing. You can’t afford to take breaks in such a competitive and crowded space. Posting on a daily basis is a must if you start a fashion Instagram page.

Do not neglect Instagram Stories as they provide you a great platform to share content with your followers. Always have a strategy before you start a page, this will help you grow your brand.

Invest in High-Quality Photos

Fashion is visual, and people love quality photos. You need to invest in a high-quality camera that takes quality photographs if you want to build a massive following in the world of fashion. With top influencers investing in professional images, you can’t afford to be left behind. Avoid using duplicated photos as you’ll always have to credit the source. Create images that will originally be yours.

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Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels

Don’t Just Create Content, Promote it

Although content is a critical aspect of influencer marketing, it doesn’t stop at the creation stage. You spend a lot of time creating content. However, it wouldn’t do you any good if no one saw it. Creating content only takes 20%, the rest involves the promotion. You can use social media ads and target your desired audience to reach a wider group. Popular fashion influencers also use ads to increase their reach; this habit helps to grow your brand.

Learn to Accept Feedback

It’s essential to be open to feedback when it comes to working with brands. You might not like the comments at the time, but these will help you grow and become an influencer everybody wants to work with. Remember that brand managers know their brands best, and they have a say in the type of marketing strategy they’re looking to implement. Learning to take feedback will also help you cultivate relationships with brands.

Optimize Profile Biographies

Macro influencers are not found by scouting different social media profiles; they appear in organic searches. You’ll need to optimize your profile biography to increase visibility. The information posted should be the essential thing a brand may be looking for. A biography is more like your business card, make sure it counts.

Ensure that your Instagram profile has been upgraded to be business for visibility. Also, this section should include your interests, your social media profiles, website, and the countries you are actively in. Don’t forget to have your face set as the profile picture.

Know What to Request in Compensation

When starting pit, it’s difficult to know what or when to expect in regards to compensation. If you have a few number of followers, you might consider working with a smaller brand to gain an audience in exchange for payment or free products. Sometimes you may need to ask what they offer and negotiate.

Network with Other Fashion Influencers

With fashion influencers all over the place, you have a fantastic opportunity to network with other fashion experts. Get to follow top influencers on Instagram to understand what it takes to be a top brand. Moreover, you could team up and create videos with other influencers. It’s a perfect way to form relationships that will last.

Learning to Say No

Your biggest asset as an influencer is your audience. The more you grow as a fashion influencer, the more brands come seeking you out for partnerships. You’re the only one who understands your audience, and this will come in handy when you try to figure out which brands to work with. At this point, it’s critical to say no to brands that don’t help you achieve success in the long-term.

If you feel that the brand approaching you don’t offer quality products or could affect the trust you’ve built with your audience, you need to learn how to say no. Your audience is valuable as it dictates your influencer income. Only work with brands that bring you closer to your goal as an influence

Create Valuable Partnerships

The saying no one gets anywhere alone also applies to fashion influencer marketing. Successful influencers form relationships with agencies and brands. Some companies help influencers find brands to work with and offer advice on how to make it in the industry. Connecting with these people is an excellent way to gain information.

Analyze Data

The best fashion influencers take a close look at their data to analyze what’s working for their brands. You need to look at the analytics to find out what content is working and what your audience would like to see more of.

With this information, you can improve your influencer strategy and boost your brand’s performance. The best part is that you can track and measure your efforts using a tool like Simply Measured. This tool provides insights you need to measure shares, conversions, engagement, and your followers.

Success as a fashion influencer requires you to be authentic, adaptable, and consistent. Follow the above habits and implement them. This will help you grow your audience and work with brands you’ve always admired.

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